Welcome to our online store

Wow...the website is finally up and running. It feels as though it has been years in the making and its hard to believe that this time has finally come.  I would like to thank the gorgeous Olivia Wood for her assistance, creativity and patience in designing it for me.  Thank you also to Ellyse Sulway, Stacey Sulway and Brianna Crawford for all your hard efforts and input and to my special friend, Joelle Smith from Twirly Girl for all your support.  A very big Thank You to my beautiful husband Rod and daughter Jemimah for all your help day in and day out.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my loyal customers for your support over the years.  Small businesses could not survive without you.  There have been so many messages about how to buy my products so hopefully business is going to boom and we can continue with our great expansion plans.

As always, with everything that starts out, there may be a few hick ups along the way.  As you use our website please let us know if you feel there are any improvements that could be made.  Personally, when visiting a website, I like simplicity, one that is easy to understand and user friendly. We hope we have created one that ticks all these boxes.