Discontinued Fragrances - Medium Tumblers


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Brand Khaya-Candles

A few of our oils came from a supplier in the USA.  Unfortunately due to increased regulations from the UN and the EU they are no longer able to ship to Australia.

We have a small quantity of a few of these left including Antique Lace, Brown Sugar and Fig, Coconut and Vanilla, Fresh Cut Roses, Nectarine and Honey, Rain and Sugar Cookie Brûlée and Vanilla Bean.

Sadly, Gardenia and Tuberose and Indian Sandalwood are completely out of stock.

To make it easier with quantities and share the love 🖤 we have decided to do the remainder of these in our Medium Tumblers.  Quantities have been calculated accordingly.

We will definitely be working on creating some new gorgeous fragrances to replace these!