Q What payment is accepted at checkout?

We use Paypal as a safe and secure payment method.  However if you do not have Paypal you are welcome to use your credit card.  We accept Visa and Mastercard. Additionally, for your convenience, we have Afterpay

Q Why do you double wick the majority of your Candles?

Personally, I prefer a smaller flame  The diameter of the glass determines the size of the wick utilised. The larger the diameter the larger the wick the larger the flame. It also assists the the candle in burning evenly and minimises blackening of the glass.

Q Can the candles be used on your skin?

No, whilst soy wax is fine to use on your skin,the amount or percentage of fragrance oil in our candles is not recommended as body safe.  A much lower percentage of fragrance oil is used on body safe candles.

Q How do I burn and care for my candle/diffuser/melt?

Please read our Product Care section for a comprehensive description.